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Ever since its founding, IDK Corporation has been leading the ProAV industry in Japan for more than 25
years specializing in the education, corporate, and digital signage industries for class rooms, conference rooms, command control centers and event applications.
IDK has sought to contribute to a more prosperous society through the development of innovative AV solutions such as digital multi switchers, extenders, splitters and other related products.
Our mission is to earn trust of our customers by being committed to providing the BEST products designed by the latest and BEST engineering technology.
We must adapt to the new era, in which analog video has rapidly been transitioning to digital video and 4K/8K resolution age has arrived. In order to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations, IDK is going to keep trying to bring the very highest quality standards at all times.

Model MSD

The MSD series was the first released digital presentation switcher with a built-in scan converter in the
Its functionalities include customer-oriented technologies developed by IDK, and the MSD can provide higher reliability to system integrators and end user customers.
The MSD series has continued to evolve in terms of quality and reliability in a very competitive industry.
Together with the MSD and related signal extenders, they can create a total system-wide solution.

MSD Specialities


IDK is going to release “IP-NINJAR” - an AV distribution platform. It has been designed based on the new concept of AV switching and distributing in order to provide the following multiple applications over off-the-shelf IP switches:
  • - Switching and extending 4K/UHD video
  • - Composing video for multi-view and video-wall applications
  • - Supporting GbE, RS-232C and TCP/IP

-Las Vegas, Las Vegas Convention Center, U.S.A, 8-10 June, 2016
Booth C8130
InfoComm Connections
-San Jose, San Jose Convention Center, U.S.A, 3-4 March, 2016
MSD-402 got AV Technology 2016 ISE Best of Show awards!

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